Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Dog Park

We have a fantastic dog park here in town! We had two great danes visiting us this weekend so we took them to play. I had a lot of fun watching the dogs and taking photos of them running around, splashing in the water.

I absolutely fell head over heels for this puppy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I've been up to these days...

365 Photo Project
I posted a while back about getting a new camera for taking shots for photo reference, of family events, for fun, etc. I've been working at taking better photos with my camera because I want to, it's fun, and it gives me another skill and we can all use those, especially in these hard economic times right? In order to help me focus on that I decided to commit to doing a project 365 for photography. I started back in November and have been pretty good (until the last couple weeks anyway). I've added some of the photos to my etsy shop and a couple of them have even been put into treasury lists, yay!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ominous Crow
I have learned a lot about crows over the past year or so. The more I learn, the more I respect them. Great and intelligent animals!

I have grown to LOVE squirrels. Due in no small part to this little guy who visits me frequently. (S)he hangs out on the tree outside my office window.

Isn't he the cutest!?

I both want to hug this guy and run away at the same time. He looks HUNGRY!!!
Taken at Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain GA. I love this place!

Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain GA

The Fungi Convention at Wills Park

This guy flew straight at me the moment I got my camera ready!
The next four images are some of my attempts at HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. I've been seeing HDR images around and have fallen in love with them. Being a graphic designer/illustrator, as well as a fine artist, HDR seems to be a natural direction for me. I love the illustrative quality of HDR photos with their saturated color and wide range of value. I'm having fun learning about it am trying to get better at it. I've has some horrible results but am pretty happy with how the ones below turned out.


Horse Stables at Wills Park Equestrian Center

Creek at Wills Park

My Riley. It's quite challenging, I've found, to do living beings in HDR. To get the full value range, you take 3 shots (some people take more) then merge the photos together. If the subject moves the HDR comes out blurry. This is the reason for the not-so-ideal expression I captured here, it was the only pose he was still in for all three shots.

The portrait of Sophie has gone home! The painting finally dried enough to scan and package up to send off.

A few years back I was looking for an artist group where people would get together to paint and socialize. It happened that one was starting up at about the same time I was looking so I checked it out. It turned out that the group was more about how artists could sell their work, or at least that was my interpretation at the time. While that is a fantastic thing to get together and help each other with, I just wasn't "there" at that point. My goals have changed a lot over the years so I recently decided to give the group another try and I now think it's going to be a perfect fit. Also, they were talking about adding some group events such as plein air painting around town, etc. which sounds incredibly exciting to me! I plan on joining and I look forward to being a part of this group's future.

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