Thursday, January 24, 2019

Catching Up

I have neglected posting here for quite some time it seems. In an effort to catch this page up here are the pieces which I've missed.

Meet Elvis! A much beloved horse. I saw a photo of Elvis on a friend's facebook page and asked if I could paint it. I ended up doing two versions, one green and one blue.

Elvis (Green)
12x16 · Oil

This is my friend Marina's dog, DJ. I simply love this dog! She is loved by everyone in our neighborhood. She is so sweet and tolerant of children and their antics. You really couldn't ask for more in a furry family member! It was such a joy to paint her.

oil · 18x18

I spent the first half of my childhood living on 10 acres in a small town in northern California. There was a row of big rocks lining the dirt road which ran by our house which my sister an I would run along. My mom had planted purple irises all along those those rocks—I loved them then and I love them now.

Purple Iris
Digital Painting
Prints available on etsy

I love painting animals, painting portraits, and digital painting on my iPad Pro. I have a lot of fun when I merge these things! Here is a digital portrait of two very sweet pit mixes.

Peyton and Addie
Digital Painting

I was asked to paint this piece as an anniversary present. This is a winery which the couple visited when they were first married. I really enjoyed painting it!

12x16 · Oil

I painted this for a sweet family who was moving out of a home which they had lived, loved, and grown in for many years. It can be bitter-sweet closing one chapter and opening a new one. I hope that when they look at this painting it makes them smile to think on all of the memories which they had in this house which was once their home.

Previous Chapter
Digital Painting