Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hawk on the iPad

Procreate App on iPad
Prints available on etsy
There was very little down-time over the holidays however I was able to sneak onto my iPad a bit and I  painted this Christmas week. This is from the same hawk photo which I'm referencing for the oil painting (which I'm still working on...).

I really enjoy the vibrance of painting on the iPad and though I recently did a painting in the Art Studio app (I'll be posting that soon), I still find Procreate to feel the most natural to me. Procreate has recently added some upgrades as well which I'm really pleased about! They now allow you do save Procreate files as native files in dropbox. This allows you to remove them from the iPad to save space and load them back on later if you want to work on them some more. There is also the ability to export as a layered/editable Photoshop file, png, or jpg file. As a graphic designer/illustrator, I own Photoshop so I love this! I am able to make changes on my computer if I want. Usually I'd just make the changes in the original file on the iPad, but sometimes I see a little thing once it gets onto my computer and I love having the option of making the adjustment there.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coming Up for Air...Gus Portrait Final

Between getting ready for the holidays, experiencing the holidays, and being crazy busy with my graphic design business (Bendt Design) I am just getting a chance to post some new artwork. I was commissioned to paint this lovely boy for a Christmas present. I really enjoy painting portraits and this one was no exception!