Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ibises WIP 1

It's cold and I'm dreaming of warm weather and the beach! With the beach on the brain I remembered a painting which I'd planned on doing a couple of years ago of two Ibises at the ocean's edge. I sketched it out then moved it to the attic for one reason or another and had forgotten about it. I dug the poor neglected birds out over the weekend and worked on the underpainting.


  1. Un joli duo... J'aime la manière qu'ont ces oiseaux de tenir en équilibre sur une patte...
    Le travail de l'eau est très intéressant.

    Gros bisous et un grand merci pour votre gentil commentaire.

  2. Ah the things we find tucked away!

  3. You have already a great sense of the sea on this,
    the weather with us is still quite warm!

  4. Glad you dug them up, Darlene...I'm feeling warmer already! :)This will be a good one.