Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Horse in Oil Pastels - Work In Progress

I love working in dry pastels but recently have been reading a lot about how toxic they are, especially when working in an area which isn't properly ventilated (guilty). So, I thought maybe I'd give oil pastels a shot. I haven't used oil pastels since high school, and I wasn't much of a fan of them then. My first attempt went horribly array and ended up a big mound of mud. Here's my second attempt which I'm much happier with. One of the reasons I'm much happier with it is that I did a google search and found that baby oil can be used as a solvent. So, armed with my baby oil, I started this painting. I started by blocking in areas of color, then I loaded a paint brush with baby oil and worked at making it into a wash. I left it to dry and when I came back I realized the hazard of baby oil...the grease stain! When I walked away this horse didn't have a halo, when I came back however...Oh well, guess I'll be putting a background in this one for sure! LOL!


  1. This is the reason I've come to appreciate blogs so much. Artists are so wonderful to share their experiences and therefore I learn so much more on different mediums! This is coming along very nicely. I look forward to seeing it progress!

  2. Darlene, Regarding the dangers of pastels, I have fashioned a paper tray on my easel (from a paper tube cut lengthwise) to catch the dust, so it doesn't travel far. I also wash my hands a couple times during a painting session, and carry wet wipes when working outdoors. I flick the pastel paper edges to knock the loose dust down into the tray. I never blow on the pastel. I vacuum frequently. Using dry pastels just requires some care in handling.