Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunflower in Oils - Working 1

This is the initial sketch for an oil (water miscible) painting of a sunflower. I'm working from another of the many photos I took during my visit to Callaway Gardens.


  1. Darlene, I've noticed your little wistful blue and green avatar pop up here and there,and never stopped to visit. Shame on me, because your work is delightful. I'm particularly fascinated with your portraiture, and hope to see more. Come by and visit some time and I hope, and would be honored to have you render a sketch of one of the kids on Windows to the Words. Coffee's on.

  2. Hi James! I'm sorry, my bad...I have been by your sites several times and have had one of the photos from your Windows to the Word sitting here next to me for the past two weeks or better with the intention of painting it. Hopefully I'll get to that soon! :)

  3. ooo... I can hardly wait and so nice to post the teaser of a sketch here. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final result to that bud. Something artists don't always capture!