Saturday, January 8, 2011


While sitting in front of the wood stove over the holidays I was able to pull out my sketch book and draw my surroundings a bit. Two of my subjects were a German Shepherd named Jasmine and a Great Dane named Jake. 

Oddly, the normally high strung shepherd was the better model, she laid still for periods of time so I was able to draw her. 

Jake on the other hand, while normally the still one, was constantly on the move so I wasn't able to do a very good job with him.

And then there was the wood stove.


  1. These are great! Unfortunately you will be needing that wood stove here in Georgia! Stay warm.

  2. Great sketches! Gosh, certainly don't need that wood stove here at the moment - mid summer and it's hot hot hot!

  3. Darlene, just keep on continuing your given gift of obtaining awesome sketches.. Keep it up! And make an art exhibit someday under your signatures..

  4. Your drawings are good! they really show what is going on at the moment. nice job.

  5. Your sketching skills Darlene were astonishing. Me and my nephew like the way you sketched Jake. He is a dog and a moving model as well. It is better to sketch a person than dogs. nice.