Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boston's South End Pen and Ink Finished!

Boston South End
Pen and Ink
Here it is! I've completed my pen and ink/watercolor? (did I originally say this was also going to be a watercolor?) of Boston's South End. I decided in the end to skip the watercolor on this one. I think the subject matter and the fact that I put in so much detail with the pen and ink warrants keeping this black and white.

I had some photos which I'd like to work with printed up today and I also have a bunch of illustrations for a children's book which I desperately need and want to work on. Unfortunately, I don't feel I'm in the mental mode to get back to those yet. I may pick one of those up next week. In the mean time, I think my heart is calling out to the pastels! While I'm working on that I've got the initial sketch for the first of the children's book illustrations set up on my desk where I can let my subconscious work through where I'm going to go with those style and media-wise as this seems to be my hang up on getting those past the sketch stage. 


  1. Hi Darlene - I really like it! I would have one comment if it's not too late to change it. The cobblestone gets more detail the farther back it goes, but everything else gets less. Especially the light cobblestone near the front makes the dimension look a little off.

    Or maybe that's just me. But I'd fade out the pathway the further it goes back, like the buildings.

    I love the ironwork in front, with the stark black and whites. Also the buildings across the street - very well done!

  2. Hi Darlene. I love your pen and ink work, fantastic.

  3. Darlene, this is so Gothically wonderful! I'm glad you left it black and white -- it suits the feeling here well. I love your drawings. Your style really varies from project to project (I relate to that, haha) -- fun. Your tomato drawing so far has a Matisse-feeling to the line work - very lyrical. I would never know the artist of the Gothic one did the tomatoes :D Glad to have found your blog and I'm glad we'll be following each other!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words Camille!

  5. Nice work you make! I especially love this pen and ink.
    Greatings from Belgium!

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