Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Callaway Gardens Building - Oil Painting

Callaway Gardens Building

Here's a painting of a building at Callaway Gardens. This building has a restaurant upstairs on the opposite side and a shop and something else on the lower floor on the side that's showing. I was bummed because by the time we got here the shop was closed and I missed an opportunity to browse.

The photo I took seems to have spherized the image a bit, I guess the same thing must have happened on the other paintings I've photographed (vs. scanning) but the subject matter in this one seems to have accentuate it. I swear, the roof doesn't bent like that in the original. I'll probably scan this and the others when they get dry enough.


  1. I like the colors on the first floor. Was it catching the colors of the sunset?

  2. Hi Sheila! Yes, the lower floor was catching the light but it was also a different (lighter) color than the second floor.

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