Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exciting Stuff!

This month's Alpha Arts Guild meeting was last night and I learned a lot! Phil Garrett came to speak to us, he is one of Golden's working artists. Phil spoke about the variety of Golden products and what you can do with them and I was amazed! I didn't have any the number of the products they make and the variety of fun things you can do with them. I used to use acrylics but I've been painting primarily with oils for the past several years, after last night I am tempted to try acrylics again!

Here are some of things which I heard about last night!

  • A virtual paint mixer! Golden has this available on their web site
  • Molding paste. What can I say? He past a pile of it around to play with and it just made me smile! 
Molding Paste
  • Digital Grounds! You can coat a surface with this and so long as it's thin enough to run through an inkjet printer you can print right on a wide variety of things including aluminum foil and acrylic skins.
  • Acrylic or gel skins! By painting on surfaces which the paint wont adhere to you can create skins which will peel up once dry. Once they are peeled off the surface they were painted on you can print on them using digital grounds, use them in paintings, as window decals, for a surface to transfer onto, etc. Incredible!
Acrylic/Gel Skins

  • My personal favorite discovery of last night was when he pulled out the Princeton Catalyst Blades and Wedges! My heart skipped a beat! I must get some of these! I may never use a brush or palette knife again!
Princeton Catalyst Blade

Princeton Catalyst Wedge

On a different note, my seasonal painting is beginning. Once spring hits I tend to put my paint brushes down and get outside. This summer I ran my first 5k (YAY!) and did three organized bike rides a 20 mile, 23 mile, and 43 mile ride. This last one (the 43 mile) was the most challenging and the most rewarding as it was the Young Survival Coalition's (YSC) Tour de Pink Atlanta, a ride for breast cancer. Now that the rides are over and the temperature has dropped I find myself itching to paint. I have one painting on the easel and one board gessoed and sketched out, and two blank gessoed boards with ideas ready and waiting to go! I'm hoping to have something to show here in the next week or two.

YSC Mini Cooper - some very lucky person won this!
Team Bendt Design Polo Shirts for the Tour de Pink!
Bendt Design is my graphic design business, I had these perfectly purple shirts done up for the ride!

I've also added another digital illustration to my etsy shop! Well, it's the same one as in my last post accept with a black cat. I'm also hoping to have more of those up soon!
Black Cat
5x5 print in 8x8 frame
Click here for the Etsy listing

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  1. I'm with you got to get some of those wedges and blades, Golden just keeps coming up with some great ways to play in paint. Thanks for sharing!